The NEW Google Analytics 4 – All you need to know about it

The new Google Analytics 4 is a totally new version of Google Analytics. It’s not a standard update of the current version and you can’t miss it! 
After beta testing, Google decided to release a new Analytical platform that for some early adapters was known as Google Analytics App + Web. 
In this article, you will learn what is new and why you should utilize it ASAP

Designed for a different purpose

GA4 is designed to address nowadays challenges. Customers interact with businesses and products between different devices and channels. It’s a crucial part of the marketing game to understand those journeys to invest money wisely and more effectively. The previous version of Google Analytics was inaccurate in many areas and didn’t deliver answers to the key questions. That’s why Google decided to remodel the way of data collection and processing so they created Google Analytics 4.

GA4 uses a different measurement model

To improve data quality and deliver answers on the customer behavior in the decision-making process Google decided to switch from session-based to events-based data collecting model. 

Events in GA4 have a different definition than you know from Universal Analytics and they are more likely to the events that you may know from Facebook Pixel structure. It means that each event has a specific set of parameters and variables that are storing information on the users behaviour. 

Flexible reporting

At the first glance the pre-defined reports in new Google Analytics 4 are really basic and not so complex like in Universal Analytics. But events-based measurement models allow you and your team to build your own custom reports crafted to your organization. 

For more demanding businesses Google Analytics 4 allows to export and model data with Big Query. This feature was preserved only for the enterprise clients within paid Google Analytics 360. Now it’s in build in Google Analytics 4 Property. And even if you don’t feel it is useful for you today it would be beneficial for you or your team in the future with the course your organization will be growing. 

Audience segmentation

What you actually see? Devices or People 

The concept behind data processing model in a new Google Analytics 4 to identify user’s interactions with the brand/website and/or mobile app between many devices. 

GA4 is equipped with Google Signals feature that matches cookies with real people who are using other Google’s services like Gmail, Android smartphones, YouTube and are logged into their accounts. 

Since 2018 it was available for use also in Universal Analytics but wasn’t a core and default feature. What leads to the fact that numbers assigned to ‘Users’ metric were representing independent devices/cookie-ids and not real people.

In GA4 you can simply know that user = person


Event-based tracking links to better and broader data collection about the user and his interactions before converting to the lead or client. GA4 makes us able to add custom parameters to events and slice audience groups into small pieces. That leads to the next opportunity:

  1. You can match audiences with marketing funnel more accurately
  2. You can understand users better
  3. You can use them as a remarketing segments in ads 

Machine Learning and prediction modules

Finally having well organized data and measurement strategy you can take the advantage of the machine learning module build-in GA4. This feature will be delivering you something called ‘Smart Insights’ on the audiences and their actions. It would be able to anticipate some phenomenons like lift of conversions or churn. 

Data consistency between platforms

Connecting the dots between events tracking, custom parameters and Big Query. New GA4 enables us to synchronize data between different advertising and platforms. Working on the data and tracking strategy for Google Analytics 4 you will have solutions ready to implement i.e. in Facebook Ads, you will be able to transfer the same parameters values to CRMs, Marketing Automation or CDP platforms getting 360 view on the customer.

What are the next steps

If you consider if you should implement Google Analytics 4 Property now. The answer is YES!. 
Note: You won’t be able to look back into your data in GA4 to the current moment if you don’t implement it now. 
Google allows you to use dual tracking using both old and new Analytics. But it’s the matter of the time when you will be supposed to switch to GA4 in 100%. 


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